City of Naples

Naples is located in almost central position on the gulf, between Mount Vesuvius and the volcanic area of ​​Campi Flegrei in a scenario considered “among the most celebrated and beautiful in the world.” His vast artistic and architectural heritage has allowed the old town of joining, in 1995, the list of sites that UNESCO declared World Heritage Site for the following reasons:
“This is one of the oldest cities in Europe, whose contemporary urban retains elements of its eventful history. The layout of its streets, its wealth of historic buildings that characterize different periods give the site a universal value without equal, who exerted a profound influence over much of Europe and beyond the borders of that. ‘
It is the result of overlapping of architectural styles, which contain about 2,800 years of history and by many civilizations that have stayed: factors that has given him a unique universal value.
Naples is a city that has the concept of welcoming the stranger and the coexistence of different cultures, its long history. Today the city, with its enviable geographical position with respect to the Italian peninsula, is easily accessible from all parts of the world.
The rich cultural heritage, the city has intrinsic part consists of numerous historical, artistic and archaeological sites, without neglecting the creative modernity that allows it not to stop designing, to become, to always have “arguments” new available . Naples is a city of the sea, of light and dark at the same time remains underground city with a great cultural and artistic identity stamped on the brow of its many museums, castles, churches, squares, alleys and archaeological remains.
City where culture, art and “light” mix with the “dark” mysteries of a submerged, hidden and underground.
Whatever the truth of the origins, Naples is indeed a fascinating city where sea and sky seem to blend into the same shades of blue, the rocks appear white confetti kissed by the sun always warm. Vesuvius, dormant for some time, you ponequasi as a benign presence and reassuring, faithful guardian angel or protective. The islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida, are similar to gems scattered in the clear.
But Naples is not only postcard is much more, is culture and history, tradition, music and literature.
The best way to get to know Naples? Visiting Naples, travel in it inside, go into the streets, to discover the colors, the scents annusarne, listen to the sounds and marvel at the treasures that includes: creep in that “burdello” street, Spaccanapoli, which really cuts the city in two, enter the Cathedral where for centuries renews the miracle of the patron saint, visit the Museum of Capodimonte, take a step back in time by visiting the Royal Palace, where they alternated Angevins, Aragonese, Bourbons and Savoy. Or leave it behind, get on the ferry and sail to the islands intoxicated to the overview of the city that slowly moves away.
The local cuisine is simple but rich in flavor. In addition to pasta and pizza, are widely used in dairy products, vegetables, tomatoes and fish. No shortage of sweets: pastiera, bagels, baba, struffoli and donuts .. The craft Neapolitan is famous for centuries-old tradition of porcelain, corals, figurines for the nativity scene, which takes place every year in the historical center a characteristic market.
Among the most anticipated celebrations is the feast of Piedigrotta, which includes a number of initiatives including the Festival of Neapolitan songs, celebrations of San Gennaro and May of Monuments.
Visiting Naples is all this, and in it live, die and are reborn every day the joy and pain of living. Naples pulsing with her heartbeat fast and heartbreaking in every corner, in every alley. Naples blinds you with the radiant beauty of the monuments and churches of Via Toledo, of New Castle, the Royal Palace, St. Clare, the Duomo. Naples makes you kneel in front of his immense archaeological and artistic heritage, the evidence of which can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum, in the Certosa di San Martino, in the National Museum and Parco di Capodimonte.
Visiting Naples makes you lose the eye infinity of its beautiful landscapes and reach sublime heights in the fishing village, in the Castle of the Egg, in the Riviera di Chiaia, in the Waterfront Mergellina and Posillipo.
Naples is second to none, because every inch of this land is full of poetry, magic, lights, shadows, tastes, smells, games, stories, and even harsh reality. Naples is a city that knows no time, etutto what we see it is only a modest art as a whole, because underneath she vibrates and extends another city, underground.
Naples noble, loyal Naples, Naples unexpected, Naples has been awarded these titles, all earned. Naples is well worth a visit, even a lot more you know, the more you fall in love.

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