Pope Bergoglio in Naples!

“The need for tenderness over the world today.”
And again: “Along the path of history, the light that pierces the darkness reveals to us that God is Father and that his patient loyalty is stronger than the darkness and corruption”

The Pope will be in Naples on March 21: here is the full program

At 9 the Pope will arrive in Naples, in the district Scampia, where it will be welcomed by Cardinal Sepe, Mayor Luigi de Magistris and the president of the Campania Region Stefano Caldoro. In the square, John Paul II Pope Francis will meet representatives of various categories, workers, unemployed, homeless and members of the judiciary, law enforcement and culture. The car will cross the Pope then Corso Secondigliano until arriving in Piazza del Plebiscito at 11, where he will celebrate Mass, then to Poggioreale where to have lunch with 13 inmates.
At 15 Pope Francis held a meeting in the Cathedral, then meet with the sick in the church of Gesù Nuovo and finally young people on the seafront at 17. Finally, the departure to Rome from the Gare Maritime helicopter.

Pope Francis grasps the sufferings and hopes that cross our city. Will his hunger work shouted by the unemployed, will collect instances of renewal and human and social growth of the world of culture and rejoice with our young people waiting for a new spring. Touch with hand the contradictions in our reality, where live poverty and welfare, backwardness and development, selfishness and generosity, living faith and various forms of religious indifference.
The Pope will be to defend the reasons of the poor, denouncing, with courage, the responsibility of all those who are due to situations of suffering and injustice against its own brothers.
For all of his visit will be an opportunity for rebirth.

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