The magical Christmas in Naples

San Gregorio Armeno NapoliChristmas in Naples in 2015 promises to be full of events and interesting initiatives and engaging thanks to the program of cultural and tourist events that will run from December 1, 2015 to January 10 in 2016.

This year’s theme will be the Nativity, a concept understood both literally is metaphorical. Around this theme will turn all calendar events, to be held in several places in the city such as churches and palaces, squares and streets, and monuments.

The welcome of tourists and visitors will be entrusted to graduates of Welcome to Naples, guys who know Eastern University also 7 languages. In addition, much attention has been given to accessibility through the project Cosy Naples and the conception of dedicated routes accessible to citizens with disabilities.

The theme: Nativity
Nativity understood as birth, both as an expression of each type of creative process, both in the literal sense in reference on the occasion for childbirth. A theme that unites all the events of Christmas 2015 in Naples, interpreted subjectively by each of the artists who will be the stars of the full program, and that will be expressed in art, music, theater, archeology, science and philosophy. The Nativity has also always also inspired local crafts, as we can see in the beautiful cribs Via San Gregorio Armeno or in the works of the many artisans in our area.

Many events will refer to the concepts of peace and dialogue between peoples and own the image chosen for the campaign of the City is the Annunciation with Madonna Pregnant with Belisario Corenzio.

The places and the program
The most important location that will host the events of Christmas in Naples in 2015 will be the Royal House of the Annunciation, a historic institution for the birth and care of children where the main event will be the exhibition “Annunciazione- Nativity – Game Sacred” of Riccardo Dalisi, prepared for the inauguration of the Hall of Columns.
Other events will take place in just as important as the location of the Angevin Barons Hall, which will host a real “Festival of Birth” or “Palazzo Carafa Maddaloni with the suggestive” Ninna Nanne from the world. ”

Even whole streets and squares become a stage for artists, such as the Feast of via Duomo, where the museums in the area will open in the evening with discount prices, and the road will be driven by more than 100 musicians and other artists. Also interesting is the White Night of Health with musicians, comedians and actors. In the Church of St Eligius will open the “Christmas at Saint Eligius” with lights, nativity scene and songs of popular music.

On 12 December there will be the traditional Night of Art to be held in all the historical center on peace, religion and women. There will, in the rest of the program, concert, theater, readings, exhibitions of nativity scenes and much more.

On the site of the town can be found the full program of Christmas in Naples in 2015.

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