Night at the Museum

Some Italian museums will be open on Saturday night at night for “A Night at the Museum”. The initiative builds on the last Saturday of July (27 July 2013) and will last until the end of 2013 to the last Saturday of each month.

The project was conceived by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, and provides for the opening evening, from 20:00 to 24:00, with 38 large and important places of culture in museums and archaeological sites in the state.

In particular, the openings will be insured for museums until December 2013, while the archaeological sites until September 2013.

Night at the Museum: Museums Campani members

Museum circuit of the Reggia di Caserta: until December 2013
National Archaeological Museum of Naples until December 2013
Capodimonte Museum in Naples until December 2013
Royal Palace of Naples until December 2013
Excavations of Herculaneum archaeological site of Herculaneum outdoor promenade and pavilion of the boat – (open on Saturday evenings until September 2013 inclusive)
Ruins of Pompeii archaeological area outdoor promenade along Via delle Ginestre October – (open on Saturday evenings until September 2013 inclusive)
NB: For the summer opening in the other regions consult the list of the Ministry.

The initiative is a pilot project with the goal of becoming a fixture and stable to make the use of culture as widely as possible and to offer tourists more opportunity and unforgettable experience. The Minister of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, Massimo Bray supports the initiative that brings our museums to European standards, which “aims to draw public attention to the importance of these places, such as essential references for the promotion of the territories and therefore significant vehicles for economic development. “

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