Monuments in May 2015!

Monuments in May 2015. Choirs, hearts and colors of Naples! May of Monuments, which this year will be the twenty-first edition, will begin the last weekend of April with a prologue dedicated to Giacomo Leopardi, during the restoration of the tomb of the poet in the park Virgiliano Piedigrotta. But the real initiative will take place in the five weekends of May until end June 2. Choirs, hearts and colors will be the main themes of this May of Monuments. Will be celebrated Neapolitan music, melodic instruments and landmarks of Neapolitan singing tradition. Dedicating the event to the world of music you could not avoid even celebrate love, leitmotif of artistic production in Naples, and the colors that characterize the natural environment and the town’s heritage. In every weekend to each path will also be associated with a color.   On the first weekend will match the red routes linked to the blood, which will take you to the anatomical machines of the Chapel of Sansevero; the passion to discover the loves born in Naples; the fire to take a trip in the Campi Flegrei and in places symbol of the souls in Purgatory; to food, to taste the goodness of the chili and pizza doc, and architecture, to visit the Royal Palace or the Museum of Capodimonte. On the second weekend will be associated with the black and white to begin a journey through the legends, the ancient Neapolitan conservatories and roads linked to the Neapolitan musical tradition. On the third weekend will be tied blue and then you can visit all the buildings connected to the sea, such as the Maritime Station, and the sky to observe the city from above. On the fourth weekend will be associated with the yellow tuff that is related to, this part of the citizens in the basement and in the remains of the Greek walls, and gold to visit the treasures of the churches and museums Neapolitans. Finally the fifth weekend will match the green to invite you to stroll through the parks and gardens present in Naples. One of the most spectacular events of May will be the Grand Carousel of seats of Naples, a carousel-type renaissance that will take place on 23 and May 24, 2015 in Piazza del Plebiscito. The event will evoke the Carousel Horse with riders who will represent the various seats of Naples (the seven seats that composed the Council of the City of Naples Porta Capuana, Mountain, Fork, Nido, Porto, Portanova and the People) just like at the end 1400 in Naples. In the two-day festival there will be horses, knights in armor, fencing tournaments, camps and military flag bearers while in the evening there will be performances of Equestrian Art and Dance Neapolitan Renaissance. Probably there will also be an event linked to the Joust of the seats, which will be called Neapolis Harpastum a “game-demo” football history that dates back to the end of 1400, the game which spread from Greece to Naples. Consult the guides and routes that we propose and call for all necessary information! B&B Sanfelice, the best choice even in May !!

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